Swimming pool mosaic coating in Barcelona

Pool reform project

In this project, the owner of a beautiful house in Alella (Maresme Barcelonés area), commissioned us to select and supply the materials to cover the new and impressive swimming pool (with an area of 220m2) that he wanted to incorporate into his second residence.

You can see the result in the attached images. After an analysis of different options, the material chosen to cover the surface was a precious 20×20 colored glass mosaic, color 911 -Karma 911 from the firm Trend., with a thickness of 4 mm and a joint of 1mm

Of this mosaic for swimming pools, we highlight that it is made of colored and transparent glass, which is obtained from glass plates, which are cut to size by specialized craftsmen. 

Once they have the defined shape, after firing, a silver metallic finish is applied to the back of each piece, which provides very characteristic reflections, does not fade over time and is compatible with regular adhesives.


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