Refurbishment of luxury homes in Barcelona

Housing reform project

Casadecor, Barcelona

MEM means “same” in Esperanto. The name of MEM is at the same time synonymous with a new consciousness. It represents the reflection on ourselves, just like when it is practiced in meditation.

The objective is to create an area of recollection that transmits sensations of placidity and harmony. This is how staying in this space becomes a bodily and mental regeneration that allows us to enjoy the rituals of the bathroom.

The pure experience of water, the reunion with this element, transports us to our origins.

– Memory written by Glòria Duran-

Tono Bagno collaborated on this project using a line of state-of-the-art bathroom designs. 

The MEM model by Dornbracht was supplied for the taps along with the washbasins by Alape, mirrors made to measure designed by the same architect, a bathroom (toilet and bidet) by the firm Alessi de Lauffen, and a mini-swimming pool was built.

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