Refurbishment Hotel Inturotel Esmeralda, Majorca

Hotel renovation project

The renovation of the Inturotel Esmeralda hotel in Mallorca is a project carried out by the interior design office of Isabel López Villalta.

The hotel is located in Cala d’Or (Mallorca), has 172 rooms, as well as huge common areas and three large swimming pools, all in an impressive location.

In this renovation, the Tono Bagno team participated in both the selection and distribution of the floor and wall tiles incorporated in the bungalows, common areas (entrance, hall, restaurant, bar); and outdoor pool areas.

The reform had two phases:

1. First phase: Hotel expansion in 2014.

In this phase, 12 exclusive bungalows with two floors each were added, which include a large bedroom with a bathroom (first floor), and a terrace with a solarium on the second.

The architect Isabel López proposed some very fresh Mediterranean-style spaces, in which the following stand out:

  • Cementitious porcelain floors in the area of the first floor;
  • With small-format enamel coatings;
  • And on the upper floor river stone (a more Ibizan trend);
  • For paving and covering the swimming pool area (including its interior) and the beach area, the Floortech series of FLOORGRES (with class 3 non-slip properties) was chosen.

2. Second phase: renovation of floors and walls in common areas of the hotel carried out in 2017.

After a while, the hotel decided to renovate the floor and wall tiles in the common areas, such as its hall, restaurants, bar, etc.

The objective of this second phase of the reform was to harmonize and communicate the pool area outside with that inside the hotel.

We highlight the following selected materials:

  • From the 41zero42 brand, its Mate Terra color Avorio series (7.5×60 Chevron piece) was chosen.
  • From the Italian Mutina, the Tierras series was chosen, designed by Patricia Urquiola;
  • Also from Mutina, the Puzzle series was selected, made up of 25×25 pieces, designed for this firm by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.
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