Gran Claustre Hotel Refurbishment, Tarragona

Hotel renovation project

Tono Bagno collaborated in the design of the bathrooms of this new building located in the old town of Altafulla, as an extension of the existing hotel services in this old convent next to the Tamarit castle.

It is a new building built on a site formerly occupied by 4 houses facing three streets. Of the existing building, the house that forms the corner and the facade of the adjoining house are preserved. The new building responds to the union of these estates, articulated around a patio.

For the interior design of the rooms and bathrooms, the architect was inspired by minerals and their qualities, selecting materials, colours, fabrics, textures and decorative elements following these criteria. 

Each room is impregnated with the color and essence of one of them; amethyst, malachite, garnet, purple fluorite, platinum, blue tourmaline, cobalt, turquoise, sapphire, basalt, jet, snow quartz, jade, ruby, blue agate, white opal, amber, aquamarine, and ivory.

The materials for the bathrooms that the architect Glòria Duran chose with our collaboration, followed a rural and at the same time modern style, consistent with this new hotel building. Different designs from Duravit, Griferia Tres, Linea Beta and Pom d’or were incorporated.