Synthetic flooring selection

Equivalent to the classic wallpaper, synthetic flooring and coverings, in vinyl or fibreglass paper (which can also be used for floors), are highly resistant to moisture and can be used outdoors, as today there are models available that are not damaged by exposure to UV rays.
They allow for very powerful aesthetics, thanks to an extensive range of textures and drawings (worn, cement, photographs, etc.), achieving true works of art.
Tono Bagno’s extensive range of graphics enables you to decorate all types of spaces, from the children’s room, with their favourite cartoons, to a dining room with Baroque ornaments. They can even be customised for large surfaces and even created from photographs that will help to distinguish any corporate image.
These materials are generally used in domestic spaces, and it is increasingly common to find them in hotels and hostels. Although Tono Bagno offers an installation service, it is easy to apply and makes any change that is needed economical.
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Some brands that Tono Bagno distributes