Natural stone – Barcelona

Selection of natural stone

The world of natural stone flooring and cladding is highly distinctive. Its richness lies in the infinite ranges of colours, nuances, textures, finishes, etc. that it offers. Whether due to its structure or use, for example, as a shower tray, natural stone can be worked and treated in multiple ways, adapting practically to all tastes and interior design needs.
Incorporating floors or walls based on natural stone avoids uniform and plain colours, as well as excessively monochromatic palettes, aspects that involve a series of important nuances to take into account in your choice.
Tono Bagno’s shop/showroom in Barcelona offers an extensive range of Spanish and imported materials. Marble, granite, limestone sand, etc. coming from various parts of the planet, such as Italy, Greece and Turkey. They all have a certificate of origin.
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Some brands that Tono Bagno distributes