Large format porcelain selection

Not many years ago, thanks to the technological advances that have taken place in the sector, large-size floor and wall tiles have enjoyed magnificent uptake due to their easy installation and material quality and allow an extensive range of aesthetic options and applications.
Surfaces with dimensions that vary around 3.20×1.60 metres, as well as great advantages and possibilities, when they are installed on building facades, kitchen countertops, walls and floors in large bathrooms and in any other type of large space, large-format porcelain floor and wall tiles offer a unique and customisable solution.
The disappearance of visually displeasing joints, together with the possibility of continuing indoors with the same proposal developed outside of a building, are some of the advantages these materials offer, whose development and implementation has only just begun.
Tono Bagno offers an extensive range of large-size porcelain floor and wall tiles to its quality materials for floors and walls. Thanks to this, the company has worked with architects and interior designers by supplying them with materials for bathroom and kitchen projects for several homes, large hotel halls, on the facades of unique buildings, in swimming pools and in other spaces.
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