Hydraulic – Barcelona

Selection of hydraulic floors

With a classic and elegant aesthetic, the hydraulic materials are mainly flooring – although they are increasingly also placed on walls – with coloured cement bases that seek to recover the beauty of the early nineteenth century.  A great material for refurbishing buildings and homes to restore them to their former beauty.
Thanks to the fact that they have improved a lot in terms of resistance and with the emergence of the vintage style, hydraulic floor and wall tiles have become fashionable. There are many bars, restaurants, cafes, small premises and shops that use them to recover the cosy Noucentisme spirit (early 20th century), whereas their aesthetics have also been incorporated into the world of porcelain, which enables their use to be extended with the advantages provided by this material.
Being a hand-coloured material that allows very specific and personal aesthetics, it has also begun to be used as cladding in bathrooms, kitchen fronts, bedrooms, etc.; thanks to its manual/handmade process it allows better customisation, even with small productions.
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Some brands that Tono Bagno distributes