Architects and interior designers from Barcelona and other cities

We actively work with architects and interior designers in their renovation and new construction projects. We do so both on a national and international level. Tono Bagno’s customers include the main studios.

Tono Bagno’s mission as a specialised and leading team in designer and signature bathrooms, as well as in quality floor and wall tiles for all types of spaces, is:

  • To provide advice on any technical problems you may have.
  • To suggest and look for alternatives and ideas that make your renovation and new construction projects better, while adapting to your budget.
  • Two showrooms in Barcelona so that you and your customers can see – onsite or in the Bagnoteca catalogues – the models recommended for each project you undertake.

As we say, your job is to figure out what you need to develop your project, while ours is to help you as specialists to make it become real.


If you are in or from Barcelona, you are invited to visit our two fantastic designer bathroom shops, with floor and wall tiles for bathrooms, homes, hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, swimming pools, spas, gyms, etc.

There is an 800 m2 showroom complex, where you will find a wide selection of products and models on display from the leading brands for designer bathrooms, as well as Spanish and international floor and wall tiles, some of which are exclusive to Tono Bagno.

Tono Bagno’s team of advisors will help you select the models that best fit the space, aesthetics and budget you want to allocate.

From the moment you become a Tono Bagno customer, you will have access to a customised interior design and decoration service, with which you can optimise your space and adapt it to your aesthetic and functional needs, while incorporating the most innovative technical solutions and current trends in terms of bathrooms, floors and wall tiles.

You can also buy online on the bathroom OUTLET, with special offers and promotions of the leading bathroom brands at unbeatable prices.

constructoras Bagno

Construction companies

For years, Tono Bagno has been collaborating on large-scale projects – local, Spanish and international –, while adapting to the technical and budget needs of each one, since the company enjoys the best conditions from the leading manufacturers.

The list of projects on which Tono Bagno has worked is very extensive, which means it knows very well the needs that this type of large-scale project requires, as well as all the problems that can be avoided with good planning.

Just send us the dossier with the technical specifications for the project. Tono Bagno will send you the quotation as soon as possible, because we know that this is important to you. We will also help and advise you throughout the process, from supply to final installation.

In addition, we will help and advise you throughout the process from supply to final installation.


Tono Bagno distributes an extensive range of Spanish and international designer bathroom brands, bathroom accessories of all kinds, floor and wall tiles for the home, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as spare parts.

If you are an installer, electrician or distributor of bathroom items in Barcelona or any other Spanish city, contact us to find out about all the options available to incorporate new brands that make your quotation stand out and improve your proposals to your customers.

Tono Bagno offers everything that cannot be found in the conventional bathroom market.

accesorios Bagno

Why choose Tono Bagno

After so many years of dedication and specialisation in this sector, always with the main aim of offering service of the highest quality, Tono Bagno is fortunate to be considered a pioneer and leader in advising on bathrooms, floors and wall tiles.

There are dozens of customers who kindly recommend us and share their testimonials and a positive rating of our services on Google. Here is a summary of several of them.