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Bathrooms Store

Gran Vía Corts Catalanes, 494

08015 – Barcelona

+34 93 454 64 90

Tilings and Floorings Store

c/ Viladomat, 118

08015 – Barcelona

+34 93 458 68 36


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Are you an architect or interior designer and do you need us to help you with flooring, tiling or bathroom design within a new project? Would you like us to provide you as well, with ideas and tips that will help you show off and achieve great executions, while offering you a quality product adapted to the budget you have, and your client’s preferences?

Are you an individual who wants to refurbish a bathroom, renovate the flooring and tiling of your home, business or any other space? Do you want us to help you both with interior design and the choice of designs that suit your space and budget?

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