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Selection of bathtubs

Despite space limitations in bathrooms and a greater awareness related to optimising water consumption, there are still many who come to see us with the idea, the dream, of having a bathtub in their bathroom.
Whether because they love to use it or because they have small children, the bathtub is still an important element for many people. Also for hotels that seek to provide comfort for their guests.
The general trend is towards acrylic bathtubs, mainly the free-standing and resin type, rather than those made of steel. Tono Bagno offers a wide selection of the leading brands of bathtubs, in all sizes and aesthetics, to facilitate the homogenisation of the bathroom in terms of textures and colours. See some recent news below and follow us on social networks to always keep up to date. Take advantage of the great BATHTUB offers in the online OUTLET!

Some brands of bathtubs that Tono Bagno distributes