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Tono Bagno Professional Bathroom and tiling services

If you are an interior designer or architect, we have created a range of services to help you execute your bathroom, tiling and flooring projects. From an interior design department to arranged site visits, as well as an extensive catalogue database on our Bagnoteca, Pinterest and Facebook pages...

Bathroom and tiling project design for new constructions and refurbishments

Tono Bagnom, diseño de proyectos para baños

You can benefit from our project and interior design department, which will help you create and personalise the technical details of your space, while integrating all those specifications that will facilitate installation. Our interior design department will also advise you on issues related to heating and lighting installations.

Visit our bathroom and tiles showrooms with your customers

showroom accesorios baño Tono Bagno Barcelona

Are you an interior designer or architect? Would you like to show your client those models and designs you suggest them to include in their home, business, restaurant, hotel, spa or any other space? Visit our showrooms in Barcelona together with them or refer them to us, so we can show them the models you want. If you need someone from our team to accompany and advise you during the visit, please tell us upon arrival or do so by phone or email before coming, and we will adapt to your schedule.

The Bagnoteca

Tono Bagno, marcas de diseño para baños

We feature a comprehensive physical and online library – on our Pinterest site as well as facebook page –, which we call Bagnoteca. It includes a large number of national and international manufacturer catalogues of designer bathrooms, accessories and bathroom furniture, as well as flooring and tiling. Let us know what you are thinking about. If we do not find it in our showroom, we will look for it in our catalogue library.

Join our Pinterest and facebook page to see images of the models of major designer bathroom brands we sell, as well as interior design ideas for bathrooms.

International bathroom design projects

proyectos internacionales Tono Bagno, diseño de baños

Are you developing an interior design and architecture project in another country?

We help you select the models that meet the technical and design specifications your project demands, and we offer you our interior design department to help you develop your project. We also advise you on issues related to installation.

Arranged projects visits

visitas concertadas de obra de baños, tono bagno

Are you a Tono Bagno customer and you need someone from our team of bathroom and tiling specialists to travel to advise you onsite on technical or installation matters? Just let us know so we can organise it.

Visiting bathroom and tiles factories

visitar fábrica de baños Duravit, Tono Bagno

Are you already a customer and you would like to visit one of the leading bathroom and tiles factories worldwide, to expand your knowledge on a specific brand? We can arrange that for you.